AquaOak Premium Oak Aquariums are unique in their quality and complement the existing furnishings of your home.

No longer do you need to choose between having a piece of furniture or an aquarium in your lounge – now you can have both!

Our aquarium sets come complete with the aquarium itself as well as the high quality cabinet and hood. You are then free to purchase the correct equipment and accessories for your choice of fish.

Whilst all of the AquaOak range of aquariums are suitable for freshwater or marine fish, the systemised collection of aquariums have been designed with marine fish in mind and as such make it easier to install the different equipment required.

Can I get a custom tank or cabinet?

We are unable to produce custom sizes of aquariums or cabinets, and only have available what is shown on our website.

Can I order the cabinet, hood or tank separately?

Yes, you can order the hood, cabinet or tank from any of our aquariums separately through your local Maidenhead Aquatics or Fishkeeper Scotland store. You can find your nearest store using their store finder.

Do you get different colours of stain?

We sometimes have limited edition models in painted finishes, but otherwise all of our aquariums come in the same natural oak stain.

Does the aquarium come with any equipment?

Our aquariums do not come with any equipment in order to allow everyone to select the best equipment for their own individual needs. Your local store will be able to advise on which equipment is best suited for the fish you would like to keep, you can find their contact details using their store finder.

How do I care for my aquarium?

All of our tanks come with a care guide to help you preserve your aquarium for years to come, which you can find on our website. We recommended treating the oak every six months with a clear beeswax to maintain the natural sheen and water resistance. You can find a digital copy of our care guide here.

Will the wood absorb water over time?

Our aquarium cabinets and hoods are made from natural oak and wood is a naturally hygroscopic material. The wood has been treated and no issues should occur if you follow the correct advice in the supplied care guide, or a digital copy can be found here.

Do you get open topped hoods?

We have a limited range of open topped hoods. You can see which models of aquarium can have an open topped hood on our website.

Can I get spare handles, door knobs or hinges?

Spare parts are available in your local Maidenhead Aquatics or Fishkeeper Scotland store for a small cost. These are available in brass or silver to match your existing furniture. You can find contact details for your local retailer using their store finder.

Can I buy matching furniture?

We don’t sell matching furniture, but many garden centres that have a Maidenhead Aquatics or Fishkeeper Scotland store will also stock a range of furniture called the “Vancouver Collection” which looks quite similar to our aquariums.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery time varies – please ask your local Maidenhead Aquatics or Fishkeeper Scotland store for more details, you can find their contact details on their store finder. Sometimes due to high demand and the craftsmanship involved in the manufacturing process delivery can take up to 12 weeks if your local store does not have stock.

Can you deliver direct to my home or only to store?

Some models can be bought on for home delivery. Other models are exclusive to your local Maidenhead Aquatics or Fishkeeper Scotland retailer – you can find contact details for your nearest store using their store finder.

AquaOak aquariums are designed in the UK exclusively for Maidenhead Aquatics and Fishkeeper Scotland.

If you would like to purchase an AquaOak Premium Oak Aquarium, please see our “Where to Buy?” page.

Download our AquaOak Care Advice as a PDF

Download our standard pipe work diagram for systemised aquariums