AquaOak Premium Oak Aquariums are unique in their quality and built to last a lifetime.

No longer do you need to choose between having a piece of furniture or an aquarium in your lounge – now you can have both as these aquariums complement the existing furnishings of your home!

Our aquarium sets come complete with the aquarium itself as well as the high quality cabinet and hood. You are then free to purchase the correct equipment and accessories for your choice of fish.

Whilst all of the AquaOak range of aquariums are suitable for freshwater or marine fish, the systemised collection of aquariums have been designed with marine fish in mind and as such make it easier to install the different equipment required.

AquaOak aquariums are designed in the UK, if you have any feedback or require support please contact your local retailer or use our contact form.

If you would like to purchase an AquaOak Premium Oak Aquarium, please see our “Where to Buy?” page.

You can see a list of answers to frequently asked questions here.

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Download our AquaOak Care Advice as a PDF

Download our standard pipe work diagram for systemised aquariums